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Freebies By Crystal

An elephant never forgets!

Grafix by Crystal
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Make requests for grafix made by Crystal aka jovi_diva.

Welcome to the freebie community of jovi_diva aka Crystal
My offers are almost always unlimited and you are more than welcome to request every open offer.
Be as greedy as you'd like!
I don't make blinkies.
Don't join if you expect to see them.
It's not gonna happen!!


1. COMMENT when you have picked up your graphic!
2. CREDIT jovi_diva or jovi_diva @ ellafante
3. SAVE to your own server!! Do NOT hotlink...EVER!!!!!
4. Do NOT take something from here and credit it as your own work!
5. Do NOT start DRAMA it will NOT be tolerated here!
I understand not all of you might like each other, but I don't care!
This is NOT the place to bring your fights and differences.
If you have a legitimate problem with another member of this community,
within this community, email me and I will take care of it!
I will not hesitate to BAN anyone who makes trouble here!
6. Do NOT take the things I make and use them elsewhere, UNLESS...
You plan to link back to THIS community in some way!!
7. DO request your little hearts out!
8. DO enjoy all your graphics!

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thecozycottage cutesea dragonart

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