Text - Never Say Goodbye

Mod Note


I've removed a handful of people from the community who were not watching. There was only one of that group who I know requests frequently. Anyone is more than welcome to rejoin but please WATCH the community as well. All posts are friends locked.

Also, I will soon be setting up to take paid requests. I'm trying to pull my galleries together now so there may be multiple posts made to the comm as I create those. Thanks to all my wonderful members! Taking paid requests will NOT affect the fact that my offers will be unlimited so don't worry! I just figure I can make a little extra cash to feed my habits here on LJ and the love I have for blinkies and stuffs!

Thanks!! :D
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Text - Never Say Goodbye


Membership is now OPEN, but you must JOIN and FRIEND the community to view the posts!
Make sure you read the rules on the info page and plan to abide by them!
Thank you for joining!!